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International conference and exhibition “Human being and prison”
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In the twentieth century there was no single country in the world where as many citizens have been sent to prison as Russia. Ninety-two and a half million people had been exterminated in the USSR from 1917 to 1987; 40 million of them died in the GULAG.

About the scope and consequences of this continuous slaughter one can judge by such a demographic indicator as the gap in the average life expectancy of men and women: it made up not less than 10 years even long after the end of the World War II...

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One in every four adult men in Russia is a former
prisoner. The prison population has reached the size of the Stalin's GULAG, more than one million people are held in prisons in inhumane conditions, suffering from hunger, disease, and unemployment. Three percent of Russian families have lost their provider.

The overwhelming majority of prisoners are not professional criminals, but people who found themselves in prison because of misery, unemployment, or homelessness.

Thousands of Russian prisoners die every year from hunger, tuberculosis, or suffocation from the lack of oxygen in overcrowded cells in pre-trial detention centers. Now the average man does live over the pension age: he dies at 57 years old, 14 years younger than the average woman.

If we do not stop the senseless extermination of people in today's GULAG, Russia will become a nation of widows, orphans and ex-prisoners.

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