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IN SEARCH OF A SOLUTION. Crime, Criminal Policy and Prison Facilities in the Former Soviet Union. Moscow, Human Rights Publishers. 1996. (In Russian and English)

The book contains materials on the crime situation, the criminal justice systems, prison facilities and human rights of people in detention and in prison in seven states of the former USSR from 1991 to 1995. Judicial and prison reform in Russia receives special, detailed attention as the model for comparison for other former Soviet countries.

Prison is not a woman’s business. Results of prison monitoring, conclusions, recommendations, reviews, essays, descriptions. Compiled by Liudmila I. Alpern. Moscow: MCPR, 2000.
I.S.Kotova, B.I.Zhuravsky (Serpukhov Society of Benefactors
for the Care of Penitentiary Institutions). Information. 1995. MCPR archives.
Human Rights in the Criminal Justice System of the Russian Federation. Independent Submission to the UN Human Rights Committee on the Periodic Report of the Russian Federation. Moscow, July 1995. MCPR.
Pamphlet on the situation in SIZOs, November 1995. MCPR.
Places of confinement, the criminal justice system — conceptual basis of the future reform. June 1995. MCPR.
Brief Information about criminal justice systems in the countries of the former USSR. 1995. MCPR.
The Report about the Human Rights Violations in SIZO. Certain groups of prisoners: Women. MCPR, Moscow, 1995.
Russian SIZO. Summer of 1994”. MCPR, Moscow, 1994
Human Rights Violations in the Criminal Justice System. MCPR, Moscow, 1994.
“Prison Reform in Former Totalitarian Countries.” Issue I. 1993. MCPR.
“Prison Reform in the Former Totalitarian Countries.” Issue II. Moscow, 1993. MCPR.
“The Prison World through the Eyes of Political Prisoners.” MCPR. Moscow, 1993.
"Letters from the Zone. — 87". MCPR. Moscow, 1993.
"Tuberculosis in Russian Prisons and Camps." MCPR, Moscow, 1992.
"How to Survive in Soviet Prison” . MCPR, Krasnoyarsk, 1992

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