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Center of Assistance to international Protection

Problem statement
Organizational aspects
The Center activities


Problem statement

With the aim of creating a rule of law state in the Russian Federation it is necessary to put into operation the mechanism of legal international protection of human rights through appealing to international court. There is no such mechanism in Russia in use at the moment, in spate of the fact that this country is a Member of the United Nations (UN) and a Member of the Council of Europe. This is the first attempt to create an independent non-governmental non-profit to prepare and submit materials on the cases of protection of human rights guaranteed by International Agreement, to International Courts on behalf of the applicant all over the Russia. Center of Assistant of International Protection Was founded on the initiative of Russian Lawyers Committee in Defence of Human Rights (Chairman Yuri Shmidt) to render legal help to individuals, whose rights were violated and not restored after all domestic remedies had been exhausted. The Center is based in Moscow but branches will be opened in the near future first of all in the St.-Petersburg and then in the other regions of Russia.


Organizational aspects

The Center of Assistant of International Protection is an advisory independent non-governmental organization of lawyers and volunteers for human rights defence which provide full preparation of documents to be submitted to Strasbourg and others international courts. Moreover this Center takes part in hearing these cases.

Taking in account the fact that Moscow is the capital of the Russian Federation where the highest legal and administrative instance are located and St.-Petersburg is the center of the huge North-Western region of the country it is expedient to create main department in these cities. Moreover most qualified lawyers are concentrated in Moscow and St.-Petersburg and besides their professional experience as lawyers on Russia are great help on defence of human rights.

Initially the Center is likely to receive about 100 applications per month, but in the near future their number significantly increase in view of the absent of similar organization in Russia.


The Center activities

 Advice on international human rights law

Setting up a library of international law and case law and reference literature in the field of human rights.

Collecting and storing of cases which have exhausted all domestic remedies.

Preparation of documents to be submitted to international courts on behalf of applicants:

BL1.GIF (837 bytes)study of all applicants’ available documents judgment and other decisions on the merit of the case;

BL1.GIF (837 bytes)demanding and obtaining of failing judgment and other decision on the merit of the case;

BL1.GIF (837 bytes)putting together opinions on the cases of violations of the domestic and international law;

BL1.GIF (837 bytes)drawing up an individual complain (petition);

BL1.GIF (837 bytes)forming the set of documents in addition to the individual complain;

BL1.GIF (837 bytes)submitting of the cases to UN Committee on Human Rights (Geneva) and - in future - European Court of Human Rights (Strasbourg)


Russia, Moscow, 109147, Marxistsky p.,1/32

tel./fax 7(095) 912-54-41, 912-36-66


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